Semalt – Scrape Data From Weebly Blog With This Tool

Weebly is a web hosting service that features a drag-and-drop website builder. David Rusenko, Dan Veltri, and Chris Fanini founded this company in 2006, and three founders were studying at Smeal College of Business at that time. In 2009, Weebly added various Pro Accounts and Google AdSense monetization features to its network. It currently has more than 2 million active users on the internet. Data analysts, programmers and developers often scrape information from the Weebly blog and boost their own businesses.

GitHub – An interactive web scraping tool:

Weebly's online creator uses a simple widget-based site builder that operates in different web browsers. It may not be possible for us to extract data from this site using an ordinary tool. However, GitHub makes it easy for you to scrape data from Weebly and other similar sites. You can target a large number of web pages and extract data from them easily and conveniently. GitHub has claimed to scrape over two million web pages so far.

Built-in features:

The built-in features and interactive options of GitHub allow you to scrape data safely from Weebly, Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and other similar sites. In fact, you can extract pricing information, images, and product descriptions with this tool. You can also extract data from hard to crawl Web 2.0 dynamic websites that employ JavaScript, cookies, AJAX, redirects and drop-down menus.

Save data in any format:

If you have a large number of web pages and have short of time, you should download and install GitHub instantly. Once activated, the software can extract data from partial or entire websites. In addition, you can save the data in JSON or CSV formats or download it directly to your hard drive for offline uses. You just have to select the output file format and allow GitHub to save data in that format. Alternatively, you can save the information in GitHub's interactive database and save your time and energy.

GitHub acts as a powerful visual designing tool and captures data easily. It is capable of converting unstructured data into a structured and organized form. With its predefined options, the data can be saved in Excel, SQL, and CSV formats.

Stay updated regularly:

If your data extraction project requires regular updates, GitHub's Scheduling Module will let you define the periodic extraction schedules. It means you can extract data from different web pages at desirable intervals without compromising on quality. You can scrape text, images, video and audio files with this interactive and useful tool.

Suitable for programmers and non-programmers:

GitHub is suitable for both programmers and non-programmers. Projects on GitHub can be accessed and manipulated using a standard Git command-line interface. GitHub has created multiple desktop clients and Git plugins. All plugins and options are suitable for web developers and programmers and ease their work to an extent. You can scrape as many web pages as you want and don't need to learn any programming language at all. If you don't have the basic knowledge of Python, PHP, C++, and JavaScript, you can still use GitHub and scrape data from dynamic and complex sites easily.

You can also get around target website CAPTCHA protection using GitHub's automated decaptcha services.

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